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427 West 3rd Street
Red Wing, MN, 55066
United States


We are retail store offering Modern Home furnishings and Modern You fashions for a trend conscience women. Our site offers a glimpse of what we carry instore by showing pictures of fashion trends and the latest home design trends.





About ME


It all started when...

Having worked in the large corporate world of retail planning, merchandising + buying for many years,  I got my very first taste of what this crazy business is all about.  What merchandise to select, how to negotiate terms with vendors, then how (and when) to get it to the stores, communicate with the stores on where to put all this stuff, I mean ... let me explain my crazy vision that's in my head to someone who reads it on a piece of paper - that's tricky.  Then promote the product, not that day, but this day, oh wait, again next month on Tuesday. And then there's you, the customer, the most important part of this puzzle.   How to tell you about this wonderful product in a world of 'tons-o-options' on where and how to buy.

Well. One day.  I simply wanted to do all that same stuff, but for myself.  I wanted the freedom to relish in my successes and be solely responsible for my failures, and there have been many of those.  But with almost 12 years under my belt of owning and shaping 17 STREET, there have been more successes then not. 

But this business of mine has also allowed me to be a mom that gets to walk her boys to school and pick them up afterwards.  Heck, I've even put a sign on the door saying 'back in an hour' because my son had a function that I just wouldn't miss.  I can do that and people get it!  

I get to find & merchandise the greatest fashions + home goods throughout the US.  I get to help dress women and make them feel pretty, or design a space in their home that makes them never want to leave.  I've sold to people in Cananda and Europe through our online store. How cool is that?

When you own your own business, you never 'shut it off', but I do make time for fitness, fun and my family.   I am very lucky to do what I get to do!